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Buying a Swim Cap

In regard to swimming caps, there is a wide range of alternatives. You could be asking yourself which swim cap has the highest capability to keep your hair dry, which one is worth the amount you are about to spend, and which one is worth buying. To obtain the most suitable swim caps, it is necessary for you to factor in the following factors into your decision.

First of all, check your swimming frequency. If you swim daily, you will need a cap that’s durable. In case you don’t swim several times, you need to settle for a cap that comes with the capability of surviving a long, lonely, humid week underneath your swim bag. In these two cases, you can’t go mistaken by selecting silicone. It is stretch-opposing hence more durable for everyday use. It is as well more forgiving even when it gets forgotten at the foot of a bag for a variety of weeks. On the other hand, if you leave a latex swim cap for an extended time, it will at the end become a sticky, plastic-ey glop that bond undyingly to swimming suits as well as goggle lenses. Therefore, if you are concerned about durability, then you should go for silicone.

Water temperature is the second thing you should consider. Is the swimming pool you are swimming in used for swimming classes or water workouts? Does the temperature of the swimming pool exceed 81 degrees? If you give the response ‘yes’ make sure you are extra careful when considering a silicone cap. The additional thickness of silicone is long-lasting but also warm. Latex caps are comparably thin thus keeping you from heating up as swiftly as you are likely to when wearing a silicone cap. Inversely, in case your pool has low temperatures, it is likely that you require a swim cap that’s warmer and you cannot be on the wrong with silicone.

The third thing to check when buying a swim cap is the workout intensity. Pool temperature isn’t the only element that establishes how comfortable you’re in the water. If you’re swimming hard in a swimming pool that’s 80 degrees F, any cap may make you feel somehow toasty. Therefore, in case you will be swimming with a group of experienced swimmers for a period that is equal to or more than one hour, you will be good to go with a latex cap. In case you’ll be swimming unceremoniously, taking lessons on how to swim, or doing water exercises, the supplementary warmth silicone cap comes with is going to be necessary.

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