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Factors to Consider Before Purchasing an English Bulldog

A lot of people would love to be dog owners. Different people would want to have a dog for different purposes. Regardless of what your reason is for owning a dog, you will have to settle on the breed of dog that you want. Many dog lovers would choose a bulldog because of their loyalty and they have protective and also respond very well to change. There are numerous types of bulldogs that a person can select from and among them is the English bulldog. Therefore, if you can decide that you want an English bulldog, how do not choose the best one to purchase? Below are a few tips that you can use when buying an English bulldog.

Consider the body type and shape of the dog. Bulldogs come in different booties and shapes. Some of them have short legs giving them the look of being low to the ground, others have skinny legs compared to others whereas some have big heads than others. The decision will be up to you to select the type of body that you want your bulldog to have. You might want to research on AKC standards to assist you to have an idea of when you want your dog to look like.

Factor in the body size and weight of the dog. What is your preferred size for the dog? Do you want to own a big or small dog? Weight is another factor that we should take into account when purchasing a bulldog. As opposed to other breeds, the English Bulldogs come in varying weights. The perfect weight to find the right size of the Bulldog that you are looking for is to keep an eye on the parents when you are working with a breeder. It is an excellent way for you to have an idea of the personality traits of the Bulldog. If you want to ensure that you are dog maintains the right body size and weight, then you should consider offering it the best nutrition together with good exercises.

Take into account the gender of the dog. Do you prefer a male or a female dog? There is a specific narrative that people think female dogs are easier to train and then mail dogs are less emotional. These are all just stereotypes. Determine the gender of a dog that you want to purchase. This will make it easier for you when buying.

What is the age of the dog? It is paramount for you to be aware of the right time to separate a puppy from its family. The puppy needs to remain with their mother for a minimum of eight weeks so that it can feed. Nevertheless, if the puppy can stay with the others for another 3 months, there is so much that it can learn. At this stage, they start to master a few trees from their mother. Do not be in a hurry because you might ruin the life of the puppy and this is not what you intend to do.

Check on the health of the puppy. Not a single person wants to own a puppy that is not healthy. Thus, how can you detect if your prospective English dog puppy is healthy or not? You need to verify that the party has been examined by the vet and has gone for all the jabs. In addition to that make sure that you find out about the health of their parents from the doctor’s files.

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